BOUQUET OF THE WEEK: A Classic White and Ivory Bridal Bouquet with Stephanotis, Orchids, Roses and Lily of the Valley

We certainly see it all in our Design Studio:  colorful mounds of Black Beauty roses, stunning hand-tied posies of ruffled hot pink peonies, loosely gathered wildflowers in sunny yellows or tightly sculpted gathers of purple and white Picasso mini calla lilies.  Every bride can, and does, name her own shade of blooming bliss!  Time after time, more and more, we hear brides confidently state they’ll be holding a brightly colored bridal bouquet as a “here I am!” type of expression of their style and personality.  Certainly, as event designers, how could we ever object to that fabulous freedom?

Yet, if you asked us what the majority of our brides choose to carry as their wedding bouquet we’d have to say:  WHITE.  IVORY.  CREAM.  And nothing demonstrates that point more beautifully than the lovely bridal bouquet shown above where we blended Stephanotis, Roses, Lily of the Valley and Dendrobium Orchids into a classic creamy confection.

{Photo: Faith West}

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