WE LOVE: All Things Neon!

neon design inspiration 1 evantine design philadelphia party planners

Okay, let’s be honest here. When neon came screaming back onto the fashion scene last Winter we all thought “Easy Come, Easy Go,” right?  Just a Spring/Summer fashion trend that will disappear as fast as it arrived, right? Oh, were we all so very wrong. Fluorescent neon seems to have struck a bold nerve as it’s now dripping into decorative elements and interior design at breakneck speed. It’s truly back from the past with a vengeance!

Shown beautifully against crisp white, sharp black and our favorite, steel-gray, neon yellow and electric pink are HAUTE in party production. Bar and bat mitzvahs, social gatherings and corporate events have all been inspired by the 80’s color wheel. But what we particularly love about this design style, is that it’s fabulous for men and women, boys and girls, young and old. From table cloths and napkins on dinner tables, to invitations and place cards, reception chairs, vases, pillows, furniture and other decorative accessories ~ neon offers eye-popping options for every celebration. And, if you choose the design elements carefully, you could even incorporate neon into your wedding design without scaring away the guests! Mix in that vibrant pink or glow-in-the-dark orange with plenty of elegant neutrals and you’ve got yourself a chic, sophisticated event space even your grandmother would love. Like, totally. She will, promise.

neon party design inspiration evantine design philadelphia party planners

{Photo credits, top to bottom: The Lighter Side; Ital Design FurnitureJason WuHouse to Home; From the Right Bank; Asstral; Melissa’s Ornate Palace; Flygirls; Shopten25; Christian Louboutin.}

2 Responses to WE LOVE: All Things Neon!

  1. Misty says:

    I begun to design my room with this neon inspired theme last week, you really can’t help but to notice the neon decorations when you enter the room which is nice for me 🙂

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