DESIGN: Dress Up with Dramatic Chair Covers

Resource One, Inc.

As we continue to meet with our clients, preparing their design schemes for their upcoming Spring and Summer weddings, we’re excited to be able to share with them the absolutely stunning chair covers available on the market. Chair covers and chair backs are a fabulous decorative accessory that can make a dramatic statement in your event design. With hundreds of chairs to play with in a typical dinner dance scenario, chair covers can convey mood, color and theme instantaneously. As you can see from these lovely chair covers, there’s a wide variety of fabrics and styles available, from hand-painted flowers on pink silk to appliqued ivory roses on nubby cotton and layered white tulle ruched with crystals.  Here are just some of our favorites…

Spring Chair Covers Wildflower collage

Chairs Covers Nuage Designs 2

resourceone flower chair covers 6

chair backs reds nuage designs

{Chair covers showcased from Resource One, Nuage Designs and Wildflower Linens.}

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