WE LOVE: In the Green Room

pantone color trends, green wedding design, philadelphia weddings

We often connect the color green to life, youth, and vitality. It’s the pervasive color found in the world around us, making it an ideal backdrop in interior design and event decor because we are so used to seeing it everywhere. It’s just natural.

While the Pantone People have declared Emerald Green as the design color for 2013, we don’t want to get stuck in just the trendy tones. We happen to love working with all shades of green found on the color chart: moss, lime, kelly, forest, celadon, sage, verdant, fern, jade, hunter, etc. We also like how green can pair beautifully with black and white; or with metallic gold or midnight blue. Stylish. Sophisticated. Organically dramatic.

emerald green evantine design collage

evantine design green event design

{Top to bottom: Green dress by Valentino; Green and white bridal bouquet by Evantine Design; Green spheres and gold candles by Evantine Design; Green Shoes by Christian Louboutin; Green gown by Monique Lhuillier; Green and Leopard Interior Design by Hutton Wilkinson}

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