WE LOVE: The View from the Back, of a Wedding Gown, That is

January 18, 2011

Filled with joy, excitment and the promise of everlasting love, every bride is truly beautiful on her wedding day.  Glowing from the inside out and more than likely buffed and polished to a rosy sheen on the outside, the wedding gown is the final layer of beauty that completes the bridal silhouette.  The proverbial cherry on the sundae if you will.  A rather large and sweet cherry that every bride savours and every guest relishes.  As the shining star of the wedding day, all eyes follow the bride wherever she goes and that means her every angle, pose and posture is on display.   Watching her gown float behind her as she glides down the aisle or twirl around her legs as she turns to hug a friend or shimmer under the light as she dances with her groom ** sigh **; there really is nothing quite like the allure of the wedding gown.   But it’s the view from the back, with all its endless stream of buttons, soft romantic shirring, traditional lace panels, rich fabric folds, gossamer layered tulle and sophisticated drapes, that catches our attention and never lets it go. 

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FASHION: Rachel Galley, Jewelery Designer

November 6, 2009

We are extremely proud to announce that Rachel Galley’s wonderfully modern jewelry is NOW AVAILABLE at our boutique, EVANTINE at The Rittenhouse!  

If you’re not familiar with this 27-year old British jewelry designer, come in and take a look!  Rachel’s various jewelry collections are stylish, interactive and fun to wear, often containing a mystery within, making them unique and individual to the wearer.  They celebrate a special time in one’s life and make an original gift, holiday present or keepsake.

Rachel draws her inspiration from intricate carved wood, bronze historic treasures, architecture, engineering, natural textures and objects found in our daily lives.   Rachel adds her own innovative twist with hidden compartments or containers, enabling the wearer to interact with their jewelery and adds bespoke, handmade fittings and clasps to give each piece her own signature finish.

Available in Philadelphia, exclusively at Evantine, The Boutique, located at 210 West Rittenhouse Square, Lobby Level.  215.790.2576.  But please see below for more photos of Rachel Galley’s gorgeous jewelry. 

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