Looking Back to Allie & Jordan’s Magnificent Bellevue Wedding

December 27, 2016

WE’RE LOOKING BACK over our crazy-amazing year of events and weddings. WOW. Hard to believe we managed to produce such a diverse collection of parties and celebrations in 2016! Our best year ever, and that’s saying a lot since we’ve been designing events for over 30 years now.

As we make our own year-end review, we’ll be sharing some of the most memorable events here on the blog. Starting with this magnificent day we planned and designed for Allie and Jordan at The Hyatt at The Bellevue. Not only was Allie breathtaking in her fashion-forward gown, but the entire room was moved to tears by the sentimental words of love shared during their wedding ceremony. Snowballing right into more laughter and tears as the toasts were made during the wedding reception. Clearly, this was a love story not only shared between Allie and Jordan, but with their family and friends too.

What a privilege and joy for Evantine Design to be a part of it! Mazel tov again to the happy couple!

{Video courtesy of CinemaCake Filmmakers}

REAL STORIES: A Modern Blue and Purple Wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia

January 9, 2015

purple and blue wedding flowers place card tables evantine design philly florists liz banfield

WITH THE COMING OF THE NEW YEAR, we’re ready to renew and refresh our blog presence beginning with, well, blogging! Duh! The last few months of 2014 were a blur of parties and events, and sadly, hopping on the blog and sharing the journey wasn’t as often as we like it to be. But we know you understand as we all get a little bogged down from time to time, right?

We ARE grateful to see that after 35 years in the weddings and events business, Evantine is not only still relevant, but THRIVING! Many, many wonderful changes are ahead of us this year, but one of those changes will be to see the end of one of our dearest event partnerships. Well, not the end, per se. Just a major shift that will require the end of a glorious era while we wait {impatiently} for the birth of a new one. Of what do we speak? The closing of the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia on One Logan Square, of course! Over the many years since the Four Seasons Hotel opened its luxurious doors at One Logan, Evantine has produced countless glamorous weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, private celebrations, corporate and non-profit events in its stylish rooms. Too numerous to list, frankly. Blessed, honored and grateful would be the words that come to mind in thinking of all the parties we’ve had the pleasure to design inside and outside at One Logan. We’re truly sorry to see it end!

Transformation is afoot! With its closing comes a major renovation and a new luxury hotel set to open in its place. AND, more importantly, a fabulous new home in the clouds for the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia! But where, you ask? Well, as with most things hailed as “top of the line”, not just Anywhere Philadelphia. Comcast Corp. announced in January 2014 that it would build a new skyscraper tower in Philadelphia and as part of the $1.2 billion {and climbing} project, the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia would relocate to the top of the new Comcast tower.

Well, as we like to say here in our own stylish rooms at Evantine Design, BRING IT ON! We’re ready to partner on new adventures! But first, to honor the beautiful relationship we’ve enjoyed with our friends and colleagues at the current Four Seasons Hotel property, until June when One Logan closes, we’re going to regularly feature a Four Seasons event we’ve designed. Yep, right here, All Things Four Seasons will exist on our Evantine Blog! And there’s no time like the present, so without further ado, here’s Juliet and Grant’s Modern Blue and Purple Wedding from May 2014!

{Photos courtesy of Liz Banfield Photography}

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VIDEO: Real Wedding Highlight Film of Sara and Sean’s Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia Wedding

April 4, 2014

We’re going to start dubbing Fridays and “Film Fridays” as there are so many sensational wedding and bar/bat mitzvah videos to share!

Wedding videography, or filmography, or cinema; however you refer to it these days in modern terms, has come such a long way in artistry, technology, and emotion. We truly love experiencing each celebration not just as a highlight reel, but as the love story it represents, and which can be shared over and over again with others.

The talent, professionalism, and dedication to the film craft is shown beautifully in CinemaCake’s wedding highlight film of Sara and Sean’s recent wedding at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia. Enjoy!

REAL STORIES: A Modern Red Wedding at The Rittenhouse

February 28, 2013

Modern Chinese Weddings Evantine Design Cliff Mautner

In keeping with the modern, clean design aesthetic of our stylish bride and groom, we created a streamlined red wedding celebration for them at The Rittenhouse Hotel.

The day began as most weddings do, with careful preparations, joyful chatter and plenty of laughter. The wedding ceremony took place just around the corner from the hotel at historic Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church where our dramatic red rose spheres dressed up the altar. After the ceremony, guests were invited to The Rittenhouse for cocktails in the Cassatt Lounge followed by a festive dinner dance in the Grand Ballroom. For the sleek, minimalist design, we replaced the round hotel tables with rectangular tables dressed with rich taupe linens.  We designed a variety of beautiful, contemporary table centerpieces that were placed symmetrically in the room for balance. All of the table designs were composed of fabulous red flowers, using primarily one flower in each vessel. Blooms such as roses, tulips, ginger, miniature calla lilies, orchids and dahlias were placed in square zinc or rectangular glass vessels.  Layered with floating candles on every table and dramatic event lighting throughout the ballroom, it was truly a night to remember.  {Gorgeous photos by Cliff Mautner}

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REAL STORIES: A Collaboration of Artistry at The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia

July 9, 2012

centerpieces blown glass Ritz Carlton weddings summer flowers

For a July wedding at The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia, we collaborated with the bride and groom, both creative entrepreneurs, to create a brightly-colored summer celebration.

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REAL STORIES: A Late Summer Four Seasons Wedding with Luxurious Details

July 2, 2012

Ceremony in the Round Philadelphia Luxury Weddings Evantine Design Barnaby Draper

Taking our cue from the bride’s glamorous white and crystal embroidered ballgown, we turned the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia into a luxurious summer celebration.

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