FAVORS: Fragrance Bar for Mackenzie’s Bat Mitzvah at Vie

February 8, 2014

mitzvah activities for girls evantine design

Our Fragrance Bar is just too “scentsational” not to share before the party is over! For tonight’s pretty in pink bat mitzvah celebration for our chic young client, Miss Mackenzie, we styled up a glamorous “make-your-own-perfume station” for her to enjoy with friends.

We created an entire Perfumaria boutique in the kids cocktail area, allowing for plenty of space to display the 14 various essential oils, from Rose to Lily, Pink Grapefruit, Vanilla, Lavender and more, on our elegant mirrored tables. We even set out fragrance recipe cards “noting” (get it?) suggested fragrance combinations that guests could try, should they need inspiration.

bat mitzvah activities evantine design

Of course, we’re known for our well thought out and detailed displays, so we also provided vessels to hold the fragrance tester strips, as well as multiple Apothecary jars filled with colored water, fresh flower petals, herbs, spices, and teas to represent the selection of scents. Truly one of the most memorable bat mitzvah activities we have styled up and we even have several brides interested in incorporating the activity into their bridal showers!

Now, as the avid fragrance lovers that we are, if you want the REAL thing in fragrance, stop by our boutique at The Rittenhouse for a bottle of sweet smelling Bond No. 9. (shameless Valentine’s Day plug…)

mitzvah activities fragrance bar

REAL STORIES: Modern Light Up Glass Tables and Plenty of Purple Lighting make for a Stylish Bat Mitzvah in Philadelphia

February 8, 2011

With a majority of bar and bat mitzvah celebrations designed around a sport, hobby, video game, favorite movie or childhood activity, this sophisticated party concept was quite refreshing.  The only requirement we had to meet was making pretty much everything light up or turn purple.  

[Photos courtesy of Michael Branscom]

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REAL STORIES: A Carousel Bat Mitzvah at the Please Touch Museum in Fairmont Park

November 9, 2010


Time flies by in a fast and furious blur when you’re busy party planners!  It wasn’t too long ago that we transformed the Please Touch Museum into a carousel of wonderment for Madison’s bat mitzvah. 

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PLANNING: Save the Date to “Get Lost with Austin” Bar Mitzvah Cruise

September 18, 2009

One of our TOTALLY COOL clients came to us looking for creative and interesting ideas on where and how to throw their SUPER COOL son Austin’s Bar Mitzvah.  What could they do that was completely fresh and unheard of?  Have we heard this request before?  OF COURSE.  In fact, we heard it from this very client when they came to us to plan their daughter Sydney’s Bat Mitzvah two years ago!  (but that’s another story).

NOW, WHAT CAN WE DO FOR AUSTIN?  After talking to Austin it was clear that he wanted to share quality TIME with his family and friends over many days, not just for a few hours at a party.  Who would have thought he’d come up with a five day CRUISE the week before Christmas?   That Austin, he’s a clever one.   One of his favorite TV shows is “LOST” and he’s invited 100 of his friends and family to “Get Lost with Austin” for a week in the Western Caribbean.  The cruise ship, the Navigator of the Seas, is an unbelievable vessel that includes a  rock-climbing wall, a basketball court, an ice-skating rink and an in-line skating track. Dare we say there’s more? What about a five-story theatre, a casino, a miniature golf course and a spectacular three-story dining room?  The 138,000-ton nautical wonder has it all and will sail to Jamaica, Haiti and Miami.  Austin’s guests will enjoy family-style dinners, private cocktail parties, basketball tournaments, a private disco club as well sandy beaches, rain forests, waterfalls and fun-filled days in the surf.  Bring on the SUNSCREEN!

Take a look at the fantastic Save the Date below that includes a wooden box burned with his custom logo, a message-in-a-bottle containing a detailed map of the cruise and a “passport” containing all the relevant travel information.


There are countless surprises, favors and thematic “Get Lost” mysteries planned for the trip!  Shhhhhhh.  When we get back, we’ll make sure to share more info and photos on the celebration!