WE LOVE: Red, Red, RED Bridal Bouquets {like this one}

March 6, 2015
Marsala? Or just fabulous, festive RED? Bridal Bouquet by Evantine Design; Photo by Cliff Mautner

Marsala? Or just fabulous, festive RED? Bridal Bouquet by Evantine Design; Photo by Cliff Mautner

Okay, to know us at all is to know we’re not super keen on naming, following or obsessing over “trends” in the wedding industry. Oh sure, we appreciate the idea of them as just like Pinterest, trends reflect popular taste and what’s causing a stir among the bridal set.

However, we like to encourage our clients to follow the beat of their own tune, trendy, classic, traditional, wack-a-doodle, or not. For instance, if you’re inspired to embrace this year’s “color of the season” according to the folks at Pantone, aka Marsala, or as we like to call it, RED, then by all means, go for it. Our floral design team would be delighted to whip up a gorgeous Marsala bridal bouquet for you in layers of red, plum, cherry, burgundy, cardinal, crimson, ruby, wine, garnet, blood, oxblood, candy, current, merlot, scarlet, or whatever other name you want to call it.

To us, it’s all about YOU. And baby, that’s all that matters when you’re planning your wedding. {Well, that and a few other thousand details, but you get the idea.}

{Bridal Bouquet by Evantine Design; Photo by Cliff Mautner}

REAL STORIES: A Modern Blue and Purple Wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia

January 9, 2015

purple and blue wedding flowers place card tables evantine design philly florists liz banfield

WITH THE COMING OF THE NEW YEAR, we’re ready to renew and refresh our blog presence beginning with, well, blogging! Duh! The last few months of 2014 were a blur of parties and events, and sadly, hopping on the blog and sharing the journey wasn’t as often as we like it to be. But we know you understand as we all get a little bogged down from time to time, right?

We ARE grateful to see that after 35 years in the weddings and events business, Evantine is not only still relevant, but THRIVING! Many, many wonderful changes are ahead of us this year, but one of those changes will be to see the end of one of our dearest event partnerships. Well, not the end, per se. Just a major shift that will require the end of a glorious era while we wait {impatiently} for the birth of a new one. Of what do we speak? The closing of the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia on One Logan Square, of course! Over the many years since the Four Seasons Hotel opened its luxurious doors at One Logan, Evantine has produced countless glamorous weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, private celebrations, corporate and non-profit events in its stylish rooms. Too numerous to list, frankly. Blessed, honored and grateful would be the words that come to mind in thinking of all the parties we’ve had the pleasure to design inside and outside at One Logan. We’re truly sorry to see it end!

Transformation is afoot! With its closing comes a major renovation and a new luxury hotel set to open in its place. AND, more importantly, a fabulous new home in the clouds for the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia! But where, you ask? Well, as with most things hailed as “top of the line”, not just Anywhere Philadelphia. Comcast Corp. announced in January 2014 that it would build a new skyscraper tower in Philadelphia and as part of the $1.2 billion {and climbing} project, the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia would relocate to the top of the new Comcast tower.

Well, as we like to say here in our own stylish rooms at Evantine Design, BRING IT ON! We’re ready to partner on new adventures! But first, to honor the beautiful relationship we’ve enjoyed with our friends and colleagues at the current Four Seasons Hotel property, until June when One Logan closes, we’re going to regularly feature a Four Seasons event we’ve designed. Yep, right here, All Things Four Seasons will exist on our Evantine Blog! And there’s no time like the present, so without further ado, here’s Juliet and Grant’s Modern Blue and Purple Wedding from May 2014!

{Photos courtesy of Liz Banfield Photography}

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WEDDINGS: The Sweet Shades of Summer Blur Beautifully Together

July 18, 2012

Pale Pink and Yellow Bridal Bouquets Evantine Design Philadelphia Wedding Planners

The sweet shades of summer blend and blur beautifully in these beachy bridal bouquets. For an elegant wedding down the shore, we designed hand-tied nosegays of roses, peonies, sweet peas, stock and hydrangea to complement the butter yellow gowns the attendants wore.  Together, the combination was seaside spectacular. {at least, we thought so!}

{Photo: Images By Berit}

BOUQUET OF THE WEEK: A Classic White and Ivory Bridal Bouquet with Stephanotis, Orchids, Roses and Lily of the Valley

October 12, 2011

We certainly see it all in our Design Studio:  colorful mounds of Black Beauty roses, stunning hand-tied posies of ruffled hot pink peonies, loosely gathered wildflowers in sunny yellows or tightly sculpted gathers of purple and white Picasso mini calla lilies.  Every bride can, and does, name her own shade of blooming bliss!  Time after time, more and more, we hear brides confidently state they’ll be holding a brightly colored bridal bouquet as a “here I am!” type of expression of their style and personality.  Certainly, as event designers, how could we ever object to that fabulous freedom?

Yet, if you asked us what the majority of our brides choose to carry as their wedding bouquet we’d have to say:  WHITE.  IVORY.  CREAM.  And nothing demonstrates that point more beautifully than the lovely bridal bouquet shown above where we blended Stephanotis, Roses, Lily of the Valley and Dendrobium Orchids into a classic creamy confection.

{Photo: Faith West}

BOUQUET OF THE WEEK: A White and Blush Pink Hand-tied Bridal Bouquet for Tammy’s Ritz-Carlton Wedding

August 10, 2011

One of our lovely July brides chose to walk down the aisle carrying a stunning hand-tied bouquet of ivory, cream and pale pink flowers that included fragrant Stephanotis, Vendella and Lydia Roses, as well as white Dendrobium Orchids. For just a touch of sparkle to complement Tammy’s wedding gown, crystal pins were inserted into each one of the waxy white star-shaped Stephanotis blossoms.  The stems of the bouquet were tightly wrapped with white velvet ribbon (to keep her hands cushioned and protected) and layered with silver-embroidered lace ribbon.  The floral design mirrored the beauty of Tammy’s silhouette:  formal, elegant and classic.

[Photo: Marie Labbancz]

BOUQUET OF THE WEEK: A Cascade of Magenta Purple Orchids for a Sophisticated Bride

July 8, 2011

Phil Kramer Photography Event Designers in Philadelphia

Exotic purple Phalaenopsis orchid bouquets are stunning for their vibrant magenta color and delicate cascading flowers. We gathered together multiple stems of these elegant “Moth” orchids to create a monochromatic bridal bouquet that evoked romance, mystery and sophistication for our stylish bride.

The Phalaenopsis Orchid or “Phals”, as they are more commonly and affectionately called, hail from India, through Southeast Asia, north to the Philippines, and South to Northern Australia.  This lovely tropical flower has multiple meanings dating back centuries which are rooted in strength, luxury, beauty and, most importantly, love.

Sometimes called the aristocrat of flowers, Phals have tempted us since the nineteenth century when English merchant seamen brought these alluring, mysterious plants home from their foreign travels. The flowers’ brilliant colors and symmetricacl petal shapes captured the imaginations of Britain’s wealthy, who snapped them up at exorbitant sums or obsessively groomed them in their own hot houses. Happily, over the last century, Phals, as well as other orchids have become widely available in nurseries. Today, Phalaeonopsis orchids can be found year-round in a variety of colors but it’s the quantity needed for most bridal bouquets or wedding centerpieces that keep them at luxury level.  Certainly, one of our favorite qualities that make these sensational orchids extremely ideal for weddings is that they’re HARDY.  That’s right!  Although they appear fragile in appearance, they’re able to withstand high summer temperatures and still look gorgeous!  That quality, along with their stunning beauty, make them a wedding must-have.

{Photo:  Phil Kramer}

BOUQUET OF THE WEEK: A Bridal Bouquet with White Stephanotis, Creamy Gardenia, Ivory Roses and Fragrant Lily of the Valley

June 21, 2011

Roses are a wedding favorite because they are romantic, dramatic and, thankfully, available year round!  We blended luscious ivory roses with Lily of the Valley’s tiny bell-shaped blossoms and sweet perfume; Stephanotis, with it’s star-shaped white flowers; and velvety Gardenias that evoked luxury and tradition.  Composed tightly into a rounded shape with only a few whimsical sprigs of the Lily of the Valley to soften the line, this bridal bouquet was a statement in classic white.

[Photo courtesy of Tyler Boye]