Looking Back to Allie & Jordan’s Magnificent Bellevue Wedding

December 27, 2016

WE’RE LOOKING BACK over our crazy-amazing year of events and weddings. WOW. Hard to believe we managed to produce such a diverse collection of parties and celebrations in 2016! Our best year ever, and that’s saying a lot since we’ve been designing events for over 30 years now.

As we make our own year-end review, we’ll be sharing some of the most memorable events here on the blog. Starting with this magnificent day we planned and designed for Allie and Jordan at The Hyatt at The Bellevue. Not only was Allie breathtaking in her fashion-forward gown, but the entire room was moved to tears by the sentimental words of love shared during their wedding ceremony. Snowballing right into more laughter and tears as the toasts were made during the wedding reception. Clearly, this was a love story not only shared between Allie and Jordan, but with their family and friends too.

What a privilege and joy for Evantine Design to be a part of it! Mazel tov again to the happy couple!

{Video courtesy of CinemaCake Filmmakers}

WEDDINGS: Setting the Style for a Winter White Ceremony

January 22, 2013

Winter White Wedding Ceremony Chuppah

Weddings are rather like theatrical productions, with variations only in the pieces being performed and the personality of those carefully cast.

Some wedding ceremonies we produce are alternative, modern and downright edgy. Others are traditional, classic and grandiose in scheme. And then there are the wedding designs that fall beautifully in between, like this one we created for a Jewish wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia. Beginning with the softly draped ceremonial Chupah, the all white wedding was an elegant blend of lush traditional and updated contemporary elements that in the end made it truly magical.

REAL STORIES: A Summer Camp Wedding in the Poconos

September 14, 2012

Camp Cafeteria Becomes Wedding Ballroom Evantine Design Love Shack

A true love story dating back to when the bride and groom attended Pine Forest Camp as campers themselves, then as camp counselors and administrators. They even shared their first kiss under the Friendship Tree. Their charming country wedding took place at the end of summer, when the last of the young campers had headed home, the football fields were quiet and the wild flowers were at their peak. Owned by the bride’s parents, Pine Forest Camp is a coed sleepaway camp with a sprawling compound that supports sports, arts, theater, cooking, horseback riding and more. Truly, the camp is a labor of love for this family and choosing a location for their daughter’s wedding was a no-brainer. It could only happen at camp! The 400 wedding guests were invited to their own “mini wedding camp” weekend packed full of activities, such as a welcome luau, aerobics classes, flag football, fishing, tented barbecue rehearsal dinner, fireworks, bonfires, lunches in the dining hall and horseback riding. In addition to the camp cabins, every hotel, motel, and bed and breakfast for miles was filled with guests. It was a warm, inviting and playful wedding celebration that made everyone feel like part of the family.

{Photos: Love Shack Photo}

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WE LOVE: The Beauty, Intimacy and Symbolism of a Jewish Wedding Chuppah

July 12, 2011

In a Jewish wedding ceremony, the bride and groom as well as their parents, stand under a chuppah, or wedding canopy, while the ceremony is performed.  The chuah is generally interpreted as a symbol of the home that the bride and groom are about to create with their marriage; as well as the creative and religious expression of the hope that their new home will be filled with God’s presence.  For many, the fact that the chuppah remains open on all four sides symbolizes the welcoming nature of the newlywed’s home to family and friends as Abraham’s tent was to passing strangers as told in the Bible.

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REAL STORIES: Laura & Jeff’s Classically Modern Wedding at The Rittenhouse

May 19, 2010

An endearingly sweet couple, Laura and Jeff celebrated their beautiful wedding at The Rittenhouse Hotel in downtown Philadelphia.  Photos courtesy of Laura Novak. Read the rest of this entry »

REAL STORIES: Danielle & Michael’s Glamorously Purple Wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia

August 24, 2009

PASSIONATE PURPLE.   The inspiration for the wedding of Danielle and Michael was indeed that very luscious color in all its many hues, such as  blackberry, mauve, magenta, lavender, current, plum, aubergine, violet, grape and morning glory.


The bride envisioned a large tree dripping with crystals as her guests’ first impression.  Rising to the challenge (quite literally), we “grew” a tree using grapevine, lemon leaves, hydrangea, roses, orchids, delphinium, lilac and stock in every shade of purple we could gather!  Then we draped crystals and orchid garlands from every branch for an opulent garden display.  The tree was placed atop an antique mahogany table in the ballroom foyer; its limbs magically extending over the arriving guests, nearly encasing the sparkling chandelier directly above.  A true show stopper!

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REAL STORIES: A Modern Wedding with Old World Charm, Part 2

July 14, 2009


Candlelight and Diamonds!  A couple weeks ago, we posted a photo of the stunning chuppah we designed for Betsy and Jake’s wedding at the Hotel duPont.  Our good friend, the talented Michael Leslie, just sent us some of his photos capturing the beauty of the day.

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