A Beautiful Ballroom Reveal for Janey, Andrew and Evantine

January 6, 2016


That’s what we want to create for our clients no matter what type of event we’re designing for you.

This moment of speechlessness and joy, captured so beautifully by David & Blonnie photo + cinema, says it all and speaks to our hearts as creative professionals. The Sneak, the Peek, or the Ballroom Reveal. No matter how you label it, it’s just a few minutes of privacy in an otherwise jammed wedding day. Wrangling our brides and grooms out of their cocktail reception and away from their guests is never easy, but as you can see, those few stolen moments are worth it! Seeing the ballroom in all its romantic glory is appreciated by all. Particularly after we’ve talked and dreamed about the flowers (and linens, and candles, and dance floor, and lighting, and chairs) for months!


But aside from the stunned amazement enjoyed by our clients, what a gorgeous moment for us at Evantine Design! As Janey and Andrew’s wedding planners, event designers and overall partners in crime, there is nothing more heartwarming than to share these moments with them. In addition to feeling that whoosh! of relief that the design is loved, we got just as blurry-eyed and mushy-brained as they did!

We thank Janey and Andrew, as well as their families, for including us in yet another family celebration.

WE LOVE: Red, Red, RED Bridal Bouquets {like this one}

March 6, 2015
Marsala? Or just fabulous, festive RED? Bridal Bouquet by Evantine Design; Photo by Cliff Mautner

Marsala? Or just fabulous, festive RED? Bridal Bouquet by Evantine Design; Photo by Cliff Mautner

Okay, to know us at all is to know we’re not super keen on naming, following or obsessing over “trends” in the wedding industry. Oh sure, we appreciate the idea of them as just like Pinterest, trends reflect popular taste and what’s causing a stir among the bridal set.

However, we like to encourage our clients to follow the beat of their own tune, trendy, classic, traditional, wack-a-doodle, or not. For instance, if you’re inspired to embrace this year’s “color of the season” according to the folks at Pantone, aka Marsala, or as we like to call it, RED, then by all means, go for it. Our floral design team would be delighted to whip up a gorgeous Marsala bridal bouquet for you in layers of red, plum, cherry, burgundy, cardinal, crimson, ruby, wine, garnet, blood, oxblood, candy, current, merlot, scarlet, or whatever other name you want to call it.

To us, it’s all about YOU. And baby, that’s all that matters when you’re planning your wedding. {Well, that and a few other thousand details, but you get the idea.}

{Bridal Bouquet by Evantine Design; Photo by Cliff Mautner}

REAL STORIES: A Modern Blue and Purple Wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia

January 9, 2015

purple and blue wedding flowers place card tables evantine design philly florists liz banfield

WITH THE COMING OF THE NEW YEAR, we’re ready to renew and refresh our blog presence beginning with, well, blogging! Duh! The last few months of 2014 were a blur of parties and events, and sadly, hopping on the blog and sharing the journey wasn’t as often as we like it to be. But we know you understand as we all get a little bogged down from time to time, right?

We ARE grateful to see that after 35 years in the weddings and events business, Evantine is not only still relevant, but THRIVING! Many, many wonderful changes are ahead of us this year, but one of those changes will be to see the end of one of our dearest event partnerships. Well, not the end, per se. Just a major shift that will require the end of a glorious era while we wait {impatiently} for the birth of a new one. Of what do we speak? The closing of the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia on One Logan Square, of course! Over the many years since the Four Seasons Hotel opened its luxurious doors at One Logan, Evantine has produced countless glamorous weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, private celebrations, corporate and non-profit events in its stylish rooms. Too numerous to list, frankly. Blessed, honored and grateful would be the words that come to mind in thinking of all the parties we’ve had the pleasure to design inside and outside at One Logan. We’re truly sorry to see it end!

Transformation is afoot! With its closing comes a major renovation and a new luxury hotel set to open in its place. AND, more importantly, a fabulous new home in the clouds for the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia! But where, you ask? Well, as with most things hailed as “top of the line”, not just Anywhere Philadelphia. Comcast Corp. announced in January 2014 that it would build a new skyscraper tower in Philadelphia and as part of the $1.2 billion {and climbing} project, the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia would relocate to the top of the new Comcast tower.

Well, as we like to say here in our own stylish rooms at Evantine Design, BRING IT ON! We’re ready to partner on new adventures! But first, to honor the beautiful relationship we’ve enjoyed with our friends and colleagues at the current Four Seasons Hotel property, until June when One Logan closes, we’re going to regularly feature a Four Seasons event we’ve designed. Yep, right here, All Things Four Seasons will exist on our Evantine Blog! And there’s no time like the present, so without further ado, here’s Juliet and Grant’s Modern Blue and Purple Wedding from May 2014!

{Photos courtesy of Liz Banfield Photography}

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WEDDINGS: Fall Wedding Flowers Featured in Philadelphia Wedding Magazine

October 24, 2013

fall flowers philly weddings evantine design

Last year we designed this centerpiece of muted autumnal tones for Philadelphia Wedding Magazine.

Glittering golds and champagnes all blended together with ‘Vendela’ roses, mimosa, phalaenopsis orchids and cream ‘Gracia’ spray roses. {Gold-leaf cachepot, antique candle stands, woven gold-sequined tablecloth, gold-rimmed stemware and gold flatware and chargers, all provided by Evantine.} 

{Photo courtesy of Brett Thomas for Philadelphia Wedding}

WE LOVE: “It Was Everything I Never Knew I Wanted!”

September 6, 2012

Bridal Party Photos Gray Bridesmaids Dresses Philadelphia Weddings

After {gasp} thirty-some years producing weddings we still LOVE what we do and look forward to the next thirty-some years to come! One of the main reasons we continue to find the passion to plan and design events every day, is for the soul-warming reward we receive when we’ve brought joy to our clients. That joy, in turn, gets showered back on us when Monday morning comes. After a busy weekend of events, we usually power up the computers to find lovely thank you notes from the celebrations we’ve decorated just hours before. And, in many cases, the notes keep coming long after the party has ended. We were blessed to receive the following thank you note just this past Monday, on the one year anniversary of one of our September 3, 2011 bridal couples. It beautifully captured why we do what we do here at Evantine, that we just had to share it…

Dear Brian & the amazingly gifted Evantine Team,

This weekend marks one year of marriage for my husband and I, and as I am looking back on photos of the day we became husband and wife, I just had to write to tell you…

You made our wedding day beautiful! It was everything I never knew I ever wanted! In other words, you somehow saw into my mind and knew what I would love! I remember looking back and walking into our church the eve of our wedding and seeing it absolutely transformed with these incredible trees lining the aisle… it was lovely, romantic and literally took my breath away.

bridal bouquets lavender roses garden flowers stephanotis

Fast forward to the day of the wedding… Seeing nine unique, yet perfectly complimenting bouquets ushered into the foyer was such a fun part of the day! Photos captured it perfectly… my mouth was wide open in awe of what you had created! My bouquet was the most beautiful bouquet I had ever seen… It was more than I could have dreamed up or imagined.. and like nothing I had seen before! I loved holding it!! and I LOVE looking at it in pictures.

Modern Church Weddings Philadelphia Event Designers Evantine Design

As for the way you designed The Cairnwood Estate… oh my word, what can I say… I am running out of adjectives to describe the work you do.

Elegant Place Card Table Designs Traditional Weddings Evantine Design

The flowers… all the candles… those antique lace linens!! … it was so clear that so much time and care was taken in making sure every little part of the Estate was made beautiful. At one point in the beginning of the evening, I saw Brian sitting off to the side looking on and just smiling. It’s like his joy was found in bringing others joy. Brian, thank you!! Coming to your amazing studio was truly one of the best parts of planning our wedding. I left feeling inspired to just create beautiful spaces wherever I am…

First Dance Cairnwood Weddings Philadelphia Florists

You were a JOY to work with. I thank God as I think of the gift He has given you… Thanks for not letting your talent go to waste! I am confident that I am amongst countless other brides and guests at your events who have been greatly blessed to experience your gift. I truly feel humbled that our wedding day was designed by you!

With very thankful hearts, Jenna & Steven

Bride and Groom Thank You Notes to Event Professionals

{Photos: Joe Craig}